About the Chef

“I was born and raised in the upper East side of Manhattan in New York City. My mother was a simple cook but was very social. She would host dinner parties and dining out was a very routine part of my upbringing. It was the meeting place, the conversation place and the healing place for our friends and family.

When I was about the age of 16, my high school would give credits for getting real work experience and my credit choice happened to be working in an Italian prep kitchen. I will never forget the fresh feeling of being a part of that fast-paced, ever-rotating dance of chopping and working the kitchen line. I watched the chef very closely and caught on quick. I spoke their language and just wanted to soak up more and more, any chance that I could.

I moved to South Beach Miami when I was 21 to continue absorbing as much restaurant culture as I could. I had the privilege during my time in Miami to work for Thomas Buckley who is today Corporate Chef of Nobu Restaurants North America. In hindsight, Nobu was my biggest inspiration and learning tool. I thought I knew a decent amount in the culinary world until I started work at Nobu; I had barely scratched the surface! Working here was the best education I could have asked for. I was in a culinary boot camp and while it was not always easy, nor did I love the job every day; I was introduced to a new simplicity and detail in the kitchen that has shaped my entire career.

A few years later, I took a job as the executive chef in the Bahamas for a private residence. It was there; I met a tall and electric swimming suit model who later became my wife. Her home was in Boise, Idaho. So, being the romantic that I am, I followed love to move from the big city and face-paced lifestyle to a quiet house in the country. I got the position as Executive Chef at Fins Concepts in 2015, where I have helped launch two concepts and seven restaurants within the concept.

Never in a million years did I think I would be a chef living in Boise, Idaho. I didn't even necessarily have the dream to work in culinary. Now, I realize this has been precisely the purpose of my life. Nothing gives me more joy and happiness than hosting a small dinner of 10-18 with my kids and my wife. We gather with good people and good food to share our stories and tell each other about our day.

I wake up every morning, excited to educate young and aspiring chefs. I enjoy teaching what I have taken away over the years to apply to their handbook of tips. I get excited to answer questions and pass on the knowledge I have collected. I have evolved in the culinary world from learner to creator to teacher and look forward to seeing what other unexpected adventures being a chef leads me to.”

-Chef Wiley Earl

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Jenny Losee