About Fins Concepts

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-Voted Best Seafood Six years running-


Welcome to a new way of experiencing seafood.

At Fins Concepts, we believe quality is the secret to great seafood. We take pride in our innovative menu, which includes original seafood recipes as well as two-fisted burgers and great-tasting sandwiches. And because fresh is best, our goal is to use locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Whether our guests arrive for lunch or dinner, Fins Seafood Grill offers affordable, diverse menu items influenced by Asian, Mexican, and Northwest cuisines. Our chalkboard specials change daily and feature our chef's skilled, creative approach to seafood. We think you'll be impressed!

Looking for great Cajun food? Jonesin' for key lime calamari? What about some killer fish tacos? We do it all. Better yet, each Fins Concepts location is locally owned and operated — so you get a hip seafood restaurant in your neighborhood, and we get to help support the communities we call home.


Established in 2011


In 2011, three guys in the food business dreamed of creating a restaurant that offered fresh, bold seafood. Their vision was somewhat new to the Idaho food business (seafood and sushi in the land of potatoes, whaaaa?!), but they combined their over 50 years of collective culinary experience then rallied their most trusted friends and colleagues to make a lifelong dream come true. And voilà! The first Lucky Fins was founded in Meridian, Idaho.

After opening a third Lucky Fins in Downtown Boise in 2013, the founders felt there was more to aspire to within their brand. As customer-centered business owners who value feedback, they recognized one primary remark: guests loved the restaurant but had certain friends or family who were not fans of sushi or seafood. This was a great opportunity for our chefs to demonstrate culinary skills developed while training in the South and on the East Coast. The team began experimenting with creative, non-seafood dishes and dropping these dishes off at the diners’ tables for feedback. From smoked ribs to Southern-style Nashville Fried Chicken, the response was overwhelmingly positive.

For our fourth location in Littleton, Colorado, we couldn’t consider this another “Lucky Fins” restaurant — because menus provided dishes that other locations didn’t offer. So, we got creative.

“We played off of the new smoked dishes and called it Smokin’ Fins…”

-Chef Wiley

That is when six Smokin’ Fins locations were born — in the Denver area, Idaho Falls, Idaho, and Chandler, Arizona (near Phoenix).

Naked Fins is the latest concept in the Fins family, and offers a trendy, fast, hip, and modern way to eat seafood. Located on Broadway Ave. in Boise (near BSU), the restaurant provides a wide variety of poké bowls, tacos, and sushi rolls, all for a steal of a deal.



House Rules

-The kitchen is our soul, and the bar is our spirit

-Cheap fish is not good, good fish is not cheap

-If you’re out to dinner with your parents or grandparents, put away your phone and pick up the tab

-Fish should swim three times—in water, in butter, and in wine

-The customer is usually right

-Celebrate your birthday all you want but we don’t sing and dance

-No espresso, support your local coffee shop down the street

-Never trust a skinny chef

-We take special requests but might say no

-Please don’t ask for yesterday’s special today


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Sterling Salmon

Sterling Salmon are meticulously raised in the pristine Pacific waters off British Columbia, hand-selected using the strictest criteria that exceeds premium grade and harvested to order, on ice, to ensure the freshest possible salmon. Only the top 5% of all salmon qualifies to be Sterling.


For Marine Harvest Canada, environmental sustainability requires operating a business that is environmentally conscious, socially beneficial, and economically viable. We recognize that environmental integrity, transparency, and innovation are key values.

  • Marine Harvest Canada produces our own brood fish for the eggs needed in our own hatcheries.

  • No hormones or steroids are used in Marine Harvest Canada feed or in any Marine Harvest Canada products.

  • We are committed to using fish meal produced only through sustainable fisheries.

  • Salmon occupy only 1.5% of the total available net space, resulting in a natural, stress-­‐free setting.

  • We believe in minimal interference; once stocked, salmon at ocean sites are not handled until final selection and harvest

Town Dock Calamari

We have gone to great lengths to bring you the best calamari. We get our calamari from The Town Dock in Point Judith, Rhode Island. They have a small fleet of 5 boats and unload about another 30 independently-owned vessels. They are a sustainable and actively managed fishery on a quota system. Recommended by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch – It’s the only squid labeled “Green – Best Choice.” The highest quality standards are maintained throughout the production process. And most importantly, a product of USA. Read more about The Town Dock at www.towndock.com




It is always a good idea to know where your food comes from and how it got from the water to your plate. At Fins Concepts, we do our research to find the very best & most sustainable products. Not only does freshness make every dish taste better, but the food is also better for you, and we are doing our part to keep our amazing planet healthy.

Fins Scallops are never frozen, hand packed and always fresh from catch to table. A healthy scallop has a pink hue. It is sweet and has an extra, natural buttery flavor that only comes from never being frozen. Whereas a stark white scallop is an indicator that it has been frozen and the scallop usually tends to lose texture and flavor.

We take great pride in our scallops and invite you to come to try them at a Lucky Fins or Smokin Fins today!


Aspen Ridge Beef, Colorado

Served in the Denver Locations, Aspen Ridge® Natural Beef provides what few programs can: superior taste and tenderness, a truly natural product, consistency and Certified Humane verification. We offer a full line of delicious Aspen Ridge products in USDA Prime and Choice. From roasts to steaks to ground beef, our product offering delivers unsurpassed quality time after time.

Verified Angus genetics ensure these products are remarkably tender and rich in flavor. The Angus breed has developed a reputation of providing unparalleled tenderness and incomparable quality. It marbles naturally, contributing to an exceptional eating experience in which every bite is worth savoring.

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About the Chef…

“I was born and raised in the upper East side of Manhattan in New York City. My mother was a simple cook but was very social. She would host dinner parties and dining out was a very routine part of my upbringing. It was the meeting place, the conversation place and the healing place for our friends and family.

When I was about the age of 16, I had the opportunity to get some hands on experience myself in the kitchen in an Italian prep kitchen. I will never forget the fresh feeling of being a part of that fast-paced, ever-rotating dance of chopping and working the kitchen line. I watched the chef very closely and caught on quick. I spoke their language and just wanted to soak up more and more, any chance that I could.

I moved to South Beach Miami when I was 21 to continue absorbing as much restaurant culture as I could. I was introduced to a new simplicity and detail in the kitchen that has shaped my entire career.

A few years later, I took a job as the executive chef in the Bahamas for a private residence. I got the position as Executive Chef at Fins Concepts in 2015, where I have helped launch two concepts and seven restaurants within the concept.

Never in a million years did I think I would be a chef living in Boise, Idaho. I didn't even necessarily have the dream to work in culinary. Now, I realize this has been precisely the purpose of my life. Nothing gives me more joy and happiness than hosting a small dinner of 10-18 with my kids and my wife. We gather with good people and good food to share our stories and tell each other about our day.”

-Chef Wiley Earl